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About me

I was born in Bogota, Colombia and have lived in Argentina, Cuba and now in the US for nearly 20 years.  I danced classical ballet for many years and graduated as a Ballet, Character dances, and Historic dances Teacher from The Cuban National Ballet School. Then I worked for years as a Ballet teacher in the US.

In 2007 my oldest child was born. At two and a half years old was diagnosed with autism. We were very blessed to have found The Son-Rise Program® and The Anat Baniel Method (ABM) Neuromovement®. These approaches helped him develop into a wonderful child who is doing fabulously and has moved far beyond any prognosis. He speaks Spanish and English, attends a main stream school, is a great student, has friends and enjoys spending time with them. He also loves to ride his bike which I would have never imagined given that he avoided any sort of physical activity and had big motor skill challenges. 

When I learned about  Neuromovement and its effectiveness with children and adults with special needs and helping people recover from pain and injuries, I decided to try it not only for my child, but for myself. Having had injuries and pains from my dancing years I figured I could use it as well. I was amazed that after a few lessons I had no more pain or discomfort.  I also felt more energetic and found myself moving and thinking differently. I also saw positive differences in my child’s body movement and thinking. He was talking more about feelings and reflecting about things he was experiencing. I was so excited about what I was experiencing and all the changes I was seeing in my child, that I decided to join the training as an ABM practitioner short after.

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