How it works

The Anat Baniel Method℠ (ABM) is a gentle, safe and guided movement method that helps people of all ages find relief from pain and limitation, increase vitality as well as help those with specific conditions and diagnosis.

Based on the work of Moshe Feldenkrais, ABM is an evolution of the Feldenkrais Method. It combines innovative techniques and cutting-edge science based approach that transforms the lives of children and adults.

There  are two main ways to experience ABM, in groups or individually.

One on One lessons: 
This Lessons  are customized specifically for each person. The practitioner will guide your movements with a soft and gentle touch and verbal instruction designing a lesson geared towards your needs. Each lesson is different, with movement variations that will maximize your learning, growth, and progress. Each lesson lasts about 30 – 45 minutes 


Group Classes: 

The Practitioner verbally guides a group (2 or more people) through gentle movements that will help wake up your brain and provide tools to learn greater ease, grace, power and intelligence. They are usually done on the floor, on a padded mat, in loose comfortable clothing. Each lesson is structured to provide varied and sequential movements that give the brain the information it needs to create new, more skillful patterns. As you participate in this process enjoy finding the simplest and most enjoyable way to move.