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Lessons and intensives

During an ABM session we are communicating with the brain through it's primary langue, movement;  that awkens the remarkable capacity of the brain to change and form new connections and new possibilities. We call this encounter lessons rather than therapy or sessions  because  learning is taking place. 

One on one lesson (FS)

Individual lessons are customized to each person's situation, needs, and abilities. The work is very gentle and utilizes movement as the mechanism of communication with the brain. Each lesson is around 40 minutes long, and it is recommended to have intensives which consist of taking one lesson daily or two lessons a day, during consecutive days. I usually offer intensives of 5 or 10 lessons.

Working this way has many benefits. It is a great way to potentiate the learning, it allows modification of existing habitual patterns, and strengthens changes ensuring a more and permanent neuroplasticity change.


Group lessons (TML)

They are done in groups from 2 to more people.

There are many different movement lessons that focus on different functions and movement skills. These lessons focus on helping brain function, leading to transformational outcomes in the areas of increased flexibility, strength, pain relief, acquisition of new skills and improvement of existing ones, congitive improvement and clarity, vitality and well being.

Contact me to receive the schedule of my upcoming classes. You must sign in in advance to guarantee a spot since space is limited.

Please wear loose and comfortable clothing.

Online coaching sessions
Parents and caregivers course 

These Online coaching sessions are offered in packages of four 30 minute sessions done during four consecutive days. The caregiver and the child/adult are present and the focus is on coaching the caregiver on how to do everyday activities and interact with the child, utilizing the Neuromovement® 9 Essentials, to make all interactions an opportunity for growth and change. This coaching does not replace the one on one in person lessons with the practitioner, but it is an invaluable complement to this work, as it increases the opportunities of the child/adult to be immersed in the 9 Essentials, which are the perfect environment in which brain plasticity can occur. 

This six day course empowers parents/caregivers teaching them about the Neuromovement® 9 Essentials. Includes many movement lessons for parents to experience and benefit from this method and there are also oportunities to practice. It includes lectures, videos and many more wonderful tools that will help parents/caregivers inspire growth and amazing changes in their children. 


Contact me for the dates and location of this course. 

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